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Mindfields of Behaviour is the program used by all staff at St Edward the Confessor. The philosophical basis for this program is that Behaviour is part of our curriculum, based on a teaching / learning model. Appropriate consequences are determined for all behaviour. At the beginning of each year, students address our school covenant (see below) and then classes develop a Class Covenant. The covenant is based on describing agreed upon behaviours in three areas: Relationships; Safety and Environment. The class covenant is continually referred to and revised throughout the year.

St Edward's School Covenant

In the event of serious breaches of school rules parents will be contacted by either a behaviour notification letter or phone call which describes the incident and follow up intervention. Teachers record behaviour incident on recording forms and will organise interviews with you should behaviour patterns prove problematic. The descriptors below outline the level of intervention that has taken place to deal with the inappropriate behaviours that are described on the behaviour notification form.


A level one incident has been dealt with at the school level. A record of this behaviour is kept within the classroom. No formal parental notification is made.

A level two incident has been dealt with at school level by a member of the admin team. This behaviour notification letter is to inform you of the process that has taken place. Although this incident has been finalised, a record of this behaviour will be kept in the school office.

A level three incident has been dealt with at school level by a member of the admin team. Behaviours occurring at this level require a behaviour improvement process (BIP) to be implemented. A level three incident will have been accompanied by a phone call. A parent/ school interview will take place to set this process in action.

Behaviour Strategies employed in the school setting

Three Degrees of Exclusion in Class:

Step 1. A position, workstation away from the group. Time: brief 1-2 minutes
Step 2. A position to locate away from class group. Time: Short 3-5 minutes
Step 3. A position physically away from class group. Time: Significant 15 – 20 minutes.

Step 3 requires relearning of behaviours before belonging to class. A copy of the relearning plan will be sent to Admin and parents.

If non belonging behaviour persists, a conference with parents, teacher ,admin member, and child is needed. A new action plan may be agreed upon, and further conference involving outside agencies may then need to occur.

If non belonging behaviour is continually repeated, the child, in consultation with parents, is removed from school.
a) For a short period of time
b) Formal suspension

Three Degrees of Exclusion in the Playground:

Step 1. Walk with Teacher on duty for a short period of time
Step 2. Sit in designated Time Out Area for a 5-10 minute period of time
Step 3. Record behaviours in Playground Behaviour Book

Step 3 Requires relearning of behaviours before returning to the playground. A copy of the playground relearning plan will be sent to Admin and parents.

If non belonging behaviour continues to persist, a process similar to the one outlined above will take place.


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