Motto, Vision and Mission

School Motto

Motto - Love, Growth and Peace.jpgOur school motto is Love, Growth, and Peace. The emblem shows a hill and a daisy that represents the school’s location, Daisy Hill. The children standing on the hill symbolise the happy and engaged learners at St Edward’s Primary School.



St Edward the Confessor School seeks to provide an environment where children are able to live and grow in faith, life, and learning.


To enable children to live and grow in faith, we aspire to create a community that:

  • Witnesses its belief through prayer, worship, and daily life
  • Understands and uses Gospel Values to guide their actions in daily life
  • Is immersed within our Catholic story, tradition, and teaching.


To enable children to live and grow in life, we aspire to create a community that:

  • Values the self-worth of all members
  • Strives to grow and improve relationships that value teamwork, loyalty, dedication and co-operation
  • Maintains a happy, friendly school atmosphere, ensuring that everyone feels welcome.


To enable children to live and grow in learning, we aspire to create a community that:

  • Provides opportunities for the full growth and development of each child through inclusive, quality education
  • Develops a curriculum that fosters productive partnerships and shared responsibility for learning
  • Provides a curriculum which is challenging, interesting and focuses on the development of each individual to their full potential.