​​​Key Learning Areas

St Edward's teaches the Australian Curriculum. It is designed to develop successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens. Key learning areas include:





The Arts



Health and Physical Education

Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS)                                                                                                  ​ © BCE, St Edwards School, 2017

Lan​guages (Japanese in Years 4, 5 and 6)

In Catholic Schools, Religious Education plays an important role in our curriculum. We follow the Religious Education​ Program for the Brisbane Archdiocese.


Our Shared Language for Learning

At St Edward’s we have a shared language for learning. This helps all learners to be more actively involved in their learning. We want our students to fully understand what they are learning and their next steps and strategies to use in this growth.WALT.jpg

What are we learning?

How are you going?

How do you know?

Students need to know what they are learning and the knowledge and skills in the Australian Curriculum that they are expected to acquire. We use WALT (We are learning to...) and WILF (What I'm looking for) to help students know the "What". The "WAGOLL" (What a good one looks like) helps students see and use a modelled example.

  ​ © BCE, St Edwards School, 2017


What behaviours help me learn?

We have 6 learning behaviours we promote and use in all learning areas. At St Edward's we value, promote and provide opportunities for students to strengthen those behaviours to allow them to learn to their maximum potential.Learning Behaviours .jpg
  1. Chloe Cooperative
  2. Ruby Reflective
  3. Scott Self-Managing
  4. Pete Persistence
  5. Ricky Resilience                                                                      ​                        ​
  6. Crystal Creative     ​                                                                                                                                         © BCE, St Edwards School, 2016


Where am I in my learning?

Students need to know where they are in their learning and how they can progress. Our model is situated on a hill representing our context at St Edward's. It describes levels of increasing complexity in student's understanding of subjects. 
Learning Process.jpg

The stages are:


Reflection is used throughout the learning process to provide a structure in which students make sense of learning. 

BCE, St Edwards School, 2016