Parental Involvement

​Parents and Friends' ​Association  

The Parents and Friends’ Association is an integral part of the Catholic school community. Its membership includes all parents and teachers of the school. The P&F operates within a formal structure and works for the benefit of the school and their children.

The P&F Association:

  • Strives to develop in the school a real community of parents, teachers, and students, which reflects a truly Christian ethos.
  • Works collaboratively with the principal and other school personnel in pursuit of common goals.
  • Ensures that a high level of interaction exists between the home and school, and parents and teachers.
  • Endeavours to have all parents enjoy the exciting experience of their children’s time at school.
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Pastoral School Board

The purpose of the Pastoral School Board is to involve the local community in the ‘big picture’ of school planning and to assist in setting direction for the school.  

Parents and parishioners on local Boards bring to decision-making the wisdom of parent educators to complement the skills of teacher educators and pastors.  

The Board is made up of the ex-officio members including the school principal and the parish priest and/or his representative.  Other members include a number of parents within the school community who have undertaken some training and a staff member.  

The School Board meets at set intervals throughout the school year.   

Examples of areas of responsibility for the School Board include:

  • enacting the School Vision and Mission
  • policy formation
  • planning and building
  • budgeting.