Spirituality and Charism


Who was St Edward the Confessor?

Edward was born in 1003. He was the last Saxon king to rule (for more than a few months) and the only king of England to be canonised. His reign was a peaceful one characterised by his prudent management and removal of heavy taxes, but also by the struggle, partly caused by his natural inclination to favour the Normans. Edward was diligent in public and private worship, generous to the poor, and accessible to subjects who sought redress of grievances. 

During his reign, King Edward built St Peter's Abbey at Westminster, the site of the present Abbey, where he is buried. His piety gained him the surname "the Confessor". King Edward died in London on 5th January 1066 at the ​age of 63 and was canonised in 1161 by Pope Alexander III. His feast day is 13th October.

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Celebrating our Faith Story  

St Edward the Confessor Primary School draws its charism from St Edward the Confessor and St Vincent de Paul. Like St Edward the Confessor, St Vincent de Paul showed great compassion for people in need. The Daisy Hill St Vincent de Paul Chapter play a pivotal role within our parish school community. 

Three other ‘key influencers’ in the school contributed to our school motto: Love, Growth, and Peace.   

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Our School Story is lived within our school and provides focus each year for our theme. Each year we focus on an element of our motto.


In 2015 our theme was Practice Peace, Change the World.

In 2016 our theme was Let Love Live.

In 2017 out theme is Together We Grow.

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